Keeping warm

First full weekend at the farm.

Jackie concentrated on putting some paint on the walls, to make the inside look a bit more friendly, whilst I was in the Stone Barn, trying to get ready for New Year, by blocking up the major holes in the walls (with perspex), and installing a wood burner. None of your fancy woodburners here: these came from Hereford, from a very friendy chap who’s firm makes them on site. £200 for a 12kW stove can’t be bad. It’s a top-loading, very simple design, but it pumps out a huge amount of heat, and burns down to a tiny amount of waste. Should come in useful at New Year.

Next challenge is to to get a more practical vehicle for use on the farm. We’re looking a 4×4 pickup, like a Ford Ranger, or a Toyota HiLux. Not very glamorous, but sensible. Land Rovers might be ok later, but for now something more prosaic is needed.

Also noticed lots of sheep wandering about the place. Yes, I know this is Wales, but i’ve still no idea whose sheep they are.


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