Another beginning – the sawmill

Gwernybustach has trees.

Lots of trees. and not just the ones we’ve planted. We’ve got an acre of Christmas trees, which are now about 50ft high, and several acres of native forest, mostly Alder with some Ash and Beech.

So making something out of it all seems sensible, especially as Jackie has lots of idea for wooden structures: seats, buildings, raised beds etc, so a sawmill seems sensible.

Well, we have the sawmill, but nowhere to put it. So the plan is to re-use some of the timber and wriggly-tin from the the old office barn to make a new structure. We had a space made last year, but a few weekends of using the sawmill has highlighted the need for more space around the sawmill, as well as a hard surface underfoot. This is needed because I’m going to be very naughty and use the digger as a crane. And this would tear-up a non-concrete surface.

Enter the digger, to make a bigger space to put the new shed:

Job done!

With a concrete surface, we can get started making a sawmill.


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