First attempts at tree felling

laylandiiThese are some Laylandii which were planted opposite the farmhouse, and which look at bit out of place. everything else looks to be either Alder or Hazel.

So Richard (Poole) and I decided to have a go at felling them.

Felling was fairly straightforward. Except for the one which landed on the telecoms cable (who knew they were so strong). But the last two were rather close to the main electricity cables for the valley, and we thought we might not be popular if we broke them.

So we got a couple of locals to drop them: 4 minutes for 3 trees.

[Edit: seems like this is the longest single cable span on the Western Power network. Good plan not to break them]


Friendly bee keepers

A couple of weeks ago, we were also invaded by spacemen:bees1

This is really Jane and Dan, and us two, kitted-up ready to look at the bees which we’ve found buzzing around the place. Seems like another thing that someone is going to have to learn about.

New additions

March has been mostly about starting things.

We’ve started the process of getting planning for the house and barns, and started trying to understand the landscape. We had Nick come over and help us start to understand what wildlife we have on the far: see his excellent Nick’s Wildlife report  to be followed by a springtime one in May.

There was also a new addition to the family:

truck1 truck2A JCB Workmax, with a tiny engine and a tipper. Probably should get a winch, for when I get into trouble…