The Office

A big part of the reason for moving here was that we had the space -and the existing building – to create some offices for the company. And for other people as well.

Office - beforeThis is what we started with. A steel-framed barn, covered in wriggly-tin

So here are the plans at the Brecon Beacons planning site.

So here’s the story of the the offices:

P1010382Before: a very dilapidated steel-frames barn, with  corrugated steel covering.

P1020334The team from Smith Builders, proving that nothing happens on site without tea.


P1020335 P1020366 P1020398 P1020401We got a bit carried away with the gabions, but the result looked good.P1020622 then lots of building happened….

then some more:


Then lots more stuff happened, which is only interesting for us, then suddenly:

Office - after DSC_0521

Welcome to the Office


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